Brussels: national strike for higher wages

National strike Brussels (photo: Jochem Oomen)

On Friday the 24th of September, members of the socialist union ABVV-FGTB were taking part in a strike against the Belgian wage restraint norm, which limits a salary increase. This is also called as the law of 1996. Several thousands of the members held a demonstration between the railway stations Brussels-North and Brussels-South.

This was the first union demonstration since the coronavirus closed parts of the society. Divisions of the ABVV-FGTB tried to press for higher wages. Different sectors in red vests were walking through the streets of Brussels.

Despite their dissatisfaction about the law of 1996, the manifestation was rather calm. Hundreds of the participants were singing and dancing in the public space, while others yelled for higher wages. At the end of the protest, a speech from the presidents of the union was held behind the South station.

As a photographer, I walked through the demonstration and I was making photos. My personal focus for this reportage was the color red, the color from the participants.


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