Sfinks Festival 2021 Boechout (Antwerp)

Sfinks Festival 2021 (foto: Jochem Oomen)

Since the worldwide outbreak of the corona virus in 2020, most of the festivals were not allowed. However, mass gatherings are coming back, little by little, in 2021. The annual Sfinks Festival for example, took place in limited circumstances this year. There were not that many music bands as before Covid-19, there seemed to be more space at the festival fields and most of the festival goers were, according to the accents that I heared, locals from the Antwerp area. 

As a photographer, I took my camera with me to make some snapshots at the festival market and during the performance of the group Rumbaristas, who created a real party at the main stage. All of the photos are made with a 50mm 1.8 lens.

The result is a series of 8 images, who will show you a bit about how it was.

Sfinks Festival Mundial XL took place from Thursday August 26 to Sunday August 29. These images are made on August 2021.


(Click on the photo to open the gallery.)


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