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Portfolio: multi-vendor platform Thrive Sustainably

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Thrive Sustainably is a platform that promotes and sells healthy and sustainable food in Belgium. The webshop is a multi-vendor platform , meaning that multiple vendors can sell their products there online. The vendors are organic stores. It also features a blog on healthy and sustainable eating.
This project consists of two domains: the main domain thrivesustainably.com and the subdomain shop.thrivesustainably.com. The main domain was built with the popular WordPress theme and builder Divi; the subdomain was built with the Astra theme. The main domain houses the blog, the subdomain the multi-vendor web shop.
The large online store runs on WooCommerce’s webshop software, supplemented by Dokan’s marketplace options. Furthermore, the WPML plugin allows both domains to be bilingual (NL and ENG). This platform was launched in March 2023.

Are you interested in sustainable and healthy food? Then be sure to take a look at this platform: www.thrivesustainably.com!

This is what Thrive Sustainably says about me:

“I was looking for a web designer with the necessary skills, understanding and willingness to realize my innovative and quite bold and challenging idea, namely developing a multivendor platform centred around sustainable consumption and local organic shops. I was very lucky Jochem reacted to my call on Facebook. He definitely exceeded my expectations! More than that: my expectations have been highly exceeded. Jochem accepted the challenge and helped me build something even bigger than I originally intended to.”

“What did I appreciate the most during our collaboration? Efficient and fast realization of my ideas, workflow, the final result, personal involvement in the project, personal qualities such as dedication, work ethic, patience and open and friendly communication, feedback and attitude.”

“Jochem is dedicated, driven, friendly, honest, patient, result-oriented, delivering more than one can expect. I would definitely recommend him to other persons, because of his outstanding personal and professional qualities and skills. You will not easily find someone like him.”

“Thank you very much for your the great work, Jochem. It has been pleasure and honor to work with you. I did not know one person could do so much!”

– Jan Drela, founder @ Thrive Sustainably

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