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Portfolio: Jevan Barwari MUA

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Jevan Barwari is a full-time professional makeup artist and asked me to create a portfolio website for her. With lots of pictures and little text. Jevan provides makeup for models in the beauty and fashion world, among others. She has worked with Miss Belgium and French fashion brands, among others. A number of photographers provided great photos.
And that also made this assignment immensely interesting for me: thanks to the photos of her makeup and models, I was able to get a glimpse of a very different branch of photography that I am involved in. And my own background as a photographer made it easier for me to reduce these high-quality images and keep them razor-sharp.
The website was created with the popular WordPress theme and builder Divi, photography was provided by Jevan’s colleagues. No template was used for the website, it is completely from scratch built. The site was launched in February 2022. In January 2024, I adapted the design for her.
Curious about the work of this makeup artist? Or do you need a makeup artist of your own? If so, be sure to take a look at her website:

This is what Jevan says about me:

“For my work, I needed a website so that I can show my portfolio to my clients. For that, it had to be “clean” and uncluttered. What is also important is that a lot of photos can be put on the site without slowing it down. Whether these expectations were realized? Yes, 100%! Jochem is also a photographer himself and he saw that the pictures had to be reduced in size without reducing the quality of the pictures. I didn’t have to explain anything for this. Very nice!”

“Because of my busy life, we were still able to meet. We had several Zoom meetings (also late in the evening, after my children were asleep) in which I could watch from a distance and Jochem could make adjustments. Because Jochem was so flexible, I could even pass on ideas and/or adjustments outside of the meetings. I notice that Jochem really wants to fully realize your idea.”

“Jochem is friendly, thoughtful, flexible, he understood the idea behind my website and worked accordingly. Whether I would recommend him to other people? Yes! 100%. First experience with a web designer and definitely a nice experience. Big thanks for this cooperation!”

– Jevan Barwari, professional makeup artist @ Jevan Barwari MUA

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