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Website support

Smaller jobs

For WordPress websites

Have you built your own WordPress website and need someone to help you with it? I offer website support for WordPress. You can hire me for one or more hours.

This is website support

If you have a website, you’ll want to continue customizing it yourself. Sometimes it can happen that you can’t go on for a while or you just don’t have time for this. Whether it’s a new page, resizing and uploading images or changing an existing layout. No problem, I can help you.

This is what I do

You name it, but for a lot of website jobs you can turn to me. How about this:
  • Making your website SEO proof. SEO means search engine optimization or search engine optimization. This can help you get found better in Google.
  • Modifying existing content, such as changing text and/or images on your homepage.
  • Posting online a blog you wrote.
  • Creating a whole bunch of pages.
  • Resizing and keeping dozens to hundreds of photos razor sharp and posting them on your website. With my photographic background, I make sure your photos stay razor-sharp even online!
I don’t:
  • Customizing functionality of plugins, themes or WordPress builds; for this you need a developer or developer. I am not a developer, but a web designer.
  • Working with a content management system (CMS) or website builder other than WordPress.


My hourly rate is €60. What I can do in an hour is up to each assignment. For example, creating a new page takes me just over an hour. But within an hour, I can resize dozens of photos and post them online. For people who want to hire me for several hours, I have good news: if you need me for five hours, you only pay for four. For example, five hours of website support costs not €300 but €240.

Interested? Then request a no-obligation introductory consultation. During an online or offline meeting, we’ll see what I can do for you. Then I can tell you approximately how many hours of work I’m going to need.

My price list

*All prices listed are without VAT. I do not collect VAT because I operate under the VAT threshold.

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