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Every school deserves a good website, including your school. Because having a great site will attract more students and teachers! This is how you show as an educational institution what you offer, what you stand for and what projects you do. Do you want your school to shine online? Show what you have to offer as a school? Then have a customized website built for your educational institution! You can do so from as little as €1197*. Check out my range of websites for schools below.

*All prices listed are without VAT. I do not collect VAT because I operate under the VAT threshold.

This provides a strong website your school:

More student enrollments

You attract the nicest teachers

This is how I work

I myself have been an elementary school teacher for 16 years in various schools in Antwerp and Brussels. This experience helps me as a web designer and photographer to build a great website for schools. Just as I always believe in my own students, I also believe that schools can flourish. And a website helps tremendously with that!
Are you interested in my services? Fantastic, this is the trajectory that schools go through with me:
  1. Free consultation: we will review your needs and the possibilities, such as photography or multilingual website
  2. Quote: it’s up to you whether or not you want to engage with me
  3. First meeting: we discuss the structure of the site and the overall design. I go to work for your school.
  4. Second meeting: the homepage is ready, we are going over it. Your feedback I will take into account in the design. Then I build the other pages.
  5. Third meeting: we review all the pages and you may give me feedback. I’m going to work on that. Then I adapt the web design for use on tablet and cell phones.
  6. Fourth meeting: the website is ready! We test these on computers, phones and tablets. Do things need to change? You can!
  7. Launch: your school’s website goes live, you can share it with your students, parents and partners! In addition, I don’t let you off the hook: I teach you how to work with the website and you are entitled to technical support for a period of time.
How long will this process take? In principle, this can be done as early as six weeks, but longer is also possible.

My software

As a WordPress web designer, I prefer to work with Divi (worth $249 for life time access). This is a hugely intuitive WordPress theme and builder. If you’re going to work on your website yourself later, you’ll immediately see what your changes look like. Schools that work with me receive a Divi license from me. This is included in the price. Are you working with a different theme or builder? That too is negotiable!

Who do I work with?

Although I live in Brussels, I work with both Belgian and Dutch clients. By the way, I grew up near Breda and did teacher training in the Netherlands. These experiences help me enormously in working with both Belgian and Dutch clients.

Interested? Then request a no-obligation introductory consultation. During an online or offline meeting, we’ll see what I can do for you. Then I can tell you approximately how many hours of work I’m going to need.

This school went before you

web design elementary school

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“I expected a nice, sleek school website to make any, prospective parents feel like visiting the school. Whether these were realized? Yes absolutely! I am very satisfied with the results. What I appreciated most during the collaboration were the brainstorming together, the many tips and the smooth communication.”

“Jochem is an outstanding photographer and is very versed in web design. With smooth communication and planning, he achieves the desired results. And whether I would recommend him to other people? Yes definitely, Jochem works in a very structured and precise manner. He meets deadlines smoothly.”

“I definitely want to continue to see in the future what else Jochem can do for our school.”

– Linda De Dobbeleer, principal, Sint-Gillisschool Brussels

How much does this cost?

*All prices listed are without VAT. I do not collect VAT because I operate under the VAT threshold.

Have a new website created

*All prices listed are without VAT. I do not collect VAT because I operate under the VAT threshold.

Having an existing website customized

Already have a WordPress website and would rather have someone else edit it? Then you’ve come to the right place. For €60 euros per hour* I will customize your school’s website. In that case, the trajectory is as follows:
  1. Free consultation: we discuss your needs and the possibilities. You also get website advice from me.
  2. Quotation: you decide whether or not you want to engage with me.
  3. Execution of work: I go to work for you, during the process you can watch and give feedback.
  4. Check: we check together that everything is to your satisfaction.
  5. Launch: your custom website goes live!

*All prices listed are without VAT. I do not collect VAT because I operate under the VAT threshold.

Website maintenance for schools

I also offer website maintenance for schools. Maybe you already have a WordPress website and are looking for someone to help you keep your website secure and fast. You can do so from as little as €30 per month*. Schools that want it for an entire year pay €300* instead of €360*.

*All prices listed are without VAT. I do not collect VAT because I operate under the VAT threshold.

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