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Sustainable web design & minimalist photography which gets you more customers, participants or students

Sustainable web design

A sustainable website and minimalist photos

for sustainable entrepreneurs

Sometimes entrepreneurship is more than just following your passion. You want to make a difference in a changing world. Striving for a world that is more sustainable and inclusive. You are at the center of society. You are an impact entrepreneur or changemaker .

You need a long reach. To do what you want to do. Strong photos can convince people. Durable and powerful web design invites collaboration and can lead to more customers, participants or students.

This is what others say about me :

“Jochem is an outstanding photographer and is very versed in web design.”

– Linda de Dobbeleer, principal @ Sint-Gillisschool Brussels

School website and photography

“Jochem is flexible, reliable, delivers meticulous work and thinks about my needs.”

– Ruby Sanders @ Ruby Sanders journalism and final editing

Portfolio website journalist

“We definitely recommend Jochem because of the guidance and quality of the photos.”

– Ela and Timon @ wedding shoot Wrocław, Poland

Wedding photography in Poland

Less is more

My name is Jochem Oomen and I help changemakers with their photography and web design. Whether it is photos of an event, imagery for social media or brochure or a sustainable website for a company or organization.

In doing so, as a photographer and web designer, I apply a recognizable minimalist style. Photography and website building, I do according to the principle less is more. After all, by focusing on the strictly necessary, your message comes across stronger. And it’s more sustainable, too, because you need fewer pixels and megabytes. Are you a changemaker who loves minimalism and sustainability? Then you have come to the right place.

Sustainable web design | Jochem Oomen | cyclist in Brussels

My core values

  • Sustainability: huge enthusiasm for Sustainable Web Manifesto, cyclist in Brussels and train passenger
  • Diversity: origin and background don’t matter, it’s about what you can do
  • Inclusion: everyone can grow and flourish

Get started yourself

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