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Website maintenance

Keeping your WordPress website secure and fast

A website maintenance service

You have a website and you want it to continue to function optimally. That it continues to load quickly and that the design does not change. Therefore, it is important to make your website up-to-date keep. You want it to keep working well. That’s why your site needs regular maintenance, just like a car or a bicycle! That’s what we call website maintenance.

This is website maintenance

Software on the worldwide web is constantly evolving. For example, not only does your phone with all its apps need regular updates, so does a website. Think about updating WordPress itself, your theme, your builder and your plugins (pieces of software). It is very important to do that regularly. If that doesn’t happen, your website is going to underperform. Think, for example, of slow loading or a layout that is no longer the same. Of course, you shouldn’t think about that. Maintaining your website is nothing more or less than keeping your software up to date.

Do it yourself or have it done

This is something you can do all by yourself, but you must have the time. And you may not have. Or you experience a lack of knowledge. This is not a problem at all, because in both cases I can support you.
In addition, I can work with you to ensure that your website loads within 3 seconds. Because if that takes longer, your visitors will leave. And of course you don’t want that, do you?

My prices

*All prices listed are without VAT. I do not collect VAT because I operate under the VAT threshold.

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