My favorite tools

for web design & photography

tools web design photography | Photo: Sander de Wilde
As a web designer and photographer, I come in contact with dozens of different tools. The tools, you see here, are my favorite tools for web design and photography. I have tested this one extensively, use it in my daily work and so I definitely recommend it.

Favorite tools web design

Astra theme

A featherweight WordPress theme that lets you build a super fast website. Useful for building sustainable websites!

Price: free or $49 per year for Astra Pro


Looking for a cookie banner to make your website GDPR- or AVG-proof? With Complianz, you can sleep on both ears.

Price: free with possible paid extensions


Keep your website or blog spam-free with this powerful tool. It stops all spam under blogs and in contact forms on your online pages.

Price: from $8 per year for one website


A wildly popular WordPress theme and builder. Works very intuitively and you build the most beautiful websites with this.

Price: $89 per year or $287 for lifetime access


A plugin to build strong designs. Functions well with different themes and has a slightly less steep learning curve. Fast and light for long-lasting sites.

Price: from € 59 per year for one website


A plugin to put nice social media sharing buttons on your blog or product pages. Encourage your audience to share your content.

Price: included with Divi’s lifetime access plan

Popup Builder

Easily set up and track popups? This builder works with almost any theme, is easy to use. Ideal for entrepreneurs!

Price: free with possible paid extensions

Really Simple SSL

Secure your safety certificate? It can be done with this plugin. It also includes other options for securing your Web site.

Price: free with possible paid extensions

SEO Handbook

Become a pro at SEO yourself with this rock-solid handbook by Sabine Boogaard from Bogota, Colombia. It is a Dutch-language e-book.

Price: €57 for an e-book full of tips and tricks

Search Console

Want to learn how to work even better with Google Search Console? This strong course is a video tutorial by Sabine Boogaard, I definitely recommend this.

Price: €45 for a comprehensive tutorial


Secure your website against brute force attacks and set up two-factor authentication (2FA). WordFence protects you day and night.

Price: free with paid extensions

Yoast SEO

Follow up in real life to see if your pages and blogs are SEO proof. Yoast is easy to use and provides SEO tips to improve your content.

Price: free with possible paid extensions

Favorite tools and services photography


Also so attached to old Canon lenses? Use this adapter to place your EF lenses on your new RF body. Very durable, because this way they will still last!

Price: € 109.


Almost vintage, but oh so handy and powerful for resizing, renaming and numbering large amounts of photos.

Price: free.

Image Color Picker

Looking for the color codes in your photos? You’ll find them in no time with this handy online tool: you load up your photo and read the dominant color codes!

Price: free.

Lens 50 mm

My faithful travel companion: the Canon 50 mm f/1.8 lens I almost always take with me. For photos of the what you see is what you get genre.

Price: € 209.99.

Rental service

Looking for a photography equipment rental company? I can highly recommend Kamera Express Rental. A sustainable solution.

Price: varies.

In addition to this page with my favorite tools, I also have a blog where I share tips and tricks around photography, web design and more. View the most-read articles of the past calendar year here.

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