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Photography and web design elementary school

Sint-Gillisschool is an elementary school close to the Brussels-South train station. A dynamic school where many things are happening, such as collaborations with local partners. The site itself is characterized by primary colors and a green playground.
The principal of Sint-Gillisschool asked me not only to create a new website for the school, but also to provide it with photos of the building and playground. The result is a website that reflects the main colors of the school and photos that show what this building and its associated greenery looks like. Projects by partners and teachers are also highlighted online here.
The website was created using the popular WordPress theme and builder Divi; the photos were taken on site using daylight and lamplight. The revamped site was launched in March 2023.
Are you curious what Sint-Gillisschool looks like inside and what this school is all about? Then be sure to take a look at www.sintgillisschool.be!

This is what Sint-Gillisschool says about me:

“I expected a nice, sleek school website to make any, prospective parents feel like visiting the school. Whether these were realized? Yes absolutely! I am very satisfied with the results. What I appreciated most during the collaboration were the brainstorming together, the many tips and the smooth communication.”

“Jochem is an outstanding photographer and is very versed in web design. With smooth communication and planning, he achieves the desired results. And whether I would recommend him to other people? Yes definitely, Jochem works in a very structured and precise manner. He meets deadlines smoothly.”

“I definitely want to continue to see in the future what else Jochem can do for our school.”

– Linda De Dobbeleer, principal @ Sint-Gillisschool

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