web designer photographer brussels jochem oomen | Photo: Sander de Wilde

About me

Sustainable web designer & minimalist photographer in Brussels, EU

Impact entrepreneur

As a person and an entrepreneur, I want to help build a world that is cleaner and more inclusive. To a healthy planet for future generations. And to a world where everyone, regardless of background, can grow and flourish. I do by helping changemakers or impact entrepreneurs, organizations and schools get a photo series and a sustainable website that will help them get more customers or students.

Such a thing starts, of course, by believing in yourself and in your company or organization. And having both feet on the ground. For example, I live and work in a large cosmopolitan city and certainly do not spend all week at my desk. I am a web designer and photographer who is in the middle of society. I do this by partnering with businesses, organizations and schools that are also concerned with sustainability, inclusion and diversity.

Sustainability and minimalism

Anyone who looks at my photographs and website designs will notice a minimalist style on. I like to focus on the most necessary. This way, a message not only comes across powerfully, but is also very sustainable. Because you need fewer pixels and bytes.

Furthermore, my minimalism goes pretty far: you can find it not only in my work, but also in my lifestyle. Thus, you can see me as part-time digital nomad encounter in Southern Europe, Canada or Latin America with my entire belongings in two backpacks! That’s really all I need.

Achieving ideals

My name is Jochem Oomen (born 1984), North Brabander based in Brussels, capital of Europe and Belgium. A city full of opportunities, where people also need support. Thus, in addition to being a photographer and web designer, I am also teacher at a Brussels elementary school in an up-and-coming neighborhood full of young talent.

Just as I am committed to giving my students a great future, I also want to help changemakers make this world more sustainable and inclusive with my photography and web design.

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