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This is how I appear in the press

Web designer photographer in the media | Photo: Sander de Wilde

You may encounter me in the media from time to time. Sometimes I am interviewed, sometimes I publish something myself. Curious about what I write myself and what journalists say about me? Then check out the articles below.

eenvandaag Jochem Oomen

EenVandaag / AVROTROS

In May 2023, I was interviewed by phone about the disadvantages of being a digital nomad. This was an interesting conversation because this lifestyle is not all about roses. With two other nomads, I recounted the less pleasant sides.

jochem oomen interview bruzz


Not too long ago, I was a full-time elementary school teacher. The Brussels-based weekly BRUZZ interviewed me in January 2015 about how I ended up in Belgium as a Dutchman and the differences between these neighboring countries. It was an interview with photo shoot on location at a cafe.

This article appeared on print and online. Read back the interview on BRUZZ here.
opinion piece knack Jochem Oomen


The Minderhedenforum, an organization for minorities in Flanders, asked me to write an opinion piece on Brussels. With Dutch glasses on. It became a piece debunking preconceptions about the Belgian capital. This article was published in November 2014 in the Flemish weekly Knack.

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