Photographer Brussels | Photo: Sander de Wilde

Photography services

Minimalist photography for businesses, organizations and private events

This is what I do

Getting a message across clearly? Choose powerful photography that is limited to the bare essentials. Photos without frills! By choosing minimalist photography, you show what you stand for.

This is my offer:

  • Taking portraits of people: powerful, minimalist portraits in a simple setting.
  • Reportages of events: a photo series of your event according to the principle of less is more, this way the actions come out better.


“We definitely recommend Jochem because of the guidance and quality of the photos.”

– Ela and Timon @ wedding shoot Wrocław, Poland

Wedding photography in Poland

“Jochem has a great eye, we were able to get some really nice images.”

– Siobhan Camille, dancer @ Greenstone Dance Arts, Delft

Photo shoot dancer

“I definitely recommend him if you are looking for a photographer in Brussels who delivers fast and quality work.”

– Pauline, English teacher @ Readers of BXL

Culture project photo shoot

This is how I work

  • On location: in your company or organization, at your home or elsewhere. I don’t have my own studio.
  • As much as possible with beautiful daylight, that’s my specialty. Preferably a special light in the early morning or late afternoon or evening, as the light is softer then.
  • With as little equipment as possible: my photography tools are limited to the bare essentials, think cameras, lenses, a flash and possibly a tripod. That too is minimalism: I don’t have a mobile studio.
  • Digital and not print: I provide digital images and do not print them. I can recommend print labs that I have had good experiences with.

Why do I proceed this way? Working with constraints boosts my creativity.

This is what our trajectory looks like

Would you like to work with me as a photographer? Then assume a course of at least a week. Next steps we go through together:

  1. First meeting: we agree on what we need for the photo shoot. We record these agreements on mail.
  2. Photo shoot: we do the photo shoot at a location of your choice.
  3. First selection of images: I make a global selection of images from which you can choose your favorite images. This global selection is on an online page that only you and I can access.
  4. Delivery images: I do the final edit of your favorite images and deliver them to you digitally.

My prices

*All prices listed are without VAT. I do not collect VAT because I operate under the VAT threshold.


As a photographer, I think sustainability is very important. You see that reflected in this way:

  • Travel by bicycle: within the Brussels Capital Region and the Vlaamse Rand I travel by bicycle, outside by public transport. I don’t drive the car.
  • Photos with fewer bytes and bits: minimalist images often contain less digital information, which in many cases reduces the weight of these files. Do you post minimalist photos on a website? After optimization for online use, these can be featherweight. Thus, they require less energy for the server on which they reside!
  • Second-hand equipment: if possible, I prefer second-hand equipment. With these, you can take just as good pictures as with brand new equipment. This is how cameras and lenses get a second life with me.

Do you also opt for minimalist photography? If so, please contact me without obligation.

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