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Web design and photography

Travel and street photography in a minimalist style, often with specific lighting. This is the best way to describe my photographic free work. Being a digital nomad, I am often on the go, so I needed a platform to sell my photos online and outsource that process. It became a combination of a minimalist website and a print on demand platform.
The website was created with the popular WordPress theme and builder Divi, the web shop is from the print on demand platform Werkaandemuur.nl. I chose to work with this party because they handle the printing and shipping process. The website is all from scratch built, without using templates or templates. The photos I used I took when traveling in the Benelux, France, Germany or further afield.
To make the photos stand out, I chose a minimal design: a clean white background and everything was designed in a set order. I was trying to pursue some form of mathematical perfection. The portraits of me were taken by another photographer. I launched this website in September 2022.
Want to know what this website looks like? Then be sure to take a look at www.jochemoomen-images.com.

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