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Dries is a versatile singer and musician. Thus, during concerts he performs as a singer, guitarist, accordionist and pianist.

Several years back, I already provided a website for him with custom photography. Meanwhile, he thought it was time for a new set of photos and a new look and feel. The result is a website full of spontaneous photos. The musician in action and dynamic personality portrayed.

This website focuses on photography and color. This was created in the popular WordPress theme and builder Divi. For indoor photography was a 50 mm prime lens with aperture f 1.8, for outdoor photography a zoom lens. The revamped website was launched in August 2023.

Curious about this person and his company? Be sure to take a look at

This is what Dries says about me:

“I was expecting a new idea. I wanted to break away from the well-behaved image of a music teacher. Therefore, I asked for a series of photographs that reveal more of myself. These expectations were realized. Yes, it was quite a job, because I myself made the suggestions for poses at my request.”

“I appreciated Jochem’s openness and willingness the most during the collaboration. Also how he looked at the light conditions in order to get a good effect in terms of image, background and shadows. I describe him as: very customer-oriented and craftily skilled photographer. I recommend him to other people. What he presents himself in, he also lives up to 100%. What you see, is what you get.”

“Besides his fine artful eye for beautiful images, he is also down-to-earth in pointing out the future expectations of a particular photo series while posing. This helps me to imagine the photos in their own right. This works really well these comments, improvements and indications during the session.”

– Dries Oomen, singer and musician @ Singer Musician Dries Oomen

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