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Jan Provoost is a writer and writing coach and asked me to create a website with a blog. Jan writes texts on technology and science for sustainable businesses and initiatives in Belgium and abroad. As a writing coach, he supports companies and individuals worldwide to write more efficiently or creatively.
Jan asked me for a one pager build. This is a website that consists of only one page. Since he also wanted to publish his texts on his website, we expanded this one pager to include a blog.
This web page was created with the popular WordPress theme and builder Divi, the portrait on Jan’s homepage was created by me during a photo shoot in downtown Leuven. No template was used for this website, it is completely from scratch made. The site was launched in April 2022.
Are you looking for a writer or writing coach with a rock-solid pen? Then you’ve come to the right place with Jan. Or are you interested in sharp writing that includes sustainability? If so, be sure to visit his website: www.janprovoost.be.

This is what Jan says about me:

“Above all, I expected to be relieved of a little work I was dreading, and for which I also did not have enough ready knowledge (building a website as a business card). These expectations were absolutely realized. Jochem took everything in hand and, within the agreed time, delivered a website that contains more than I expected.”

“What I appreciated most during our collaboration? The pleasant and very friendly way of working together, of course. But also the fact that Jochem himself makes proposals and at the same time tries to concretize and realize my (vague) ideas. Jochem is easy to work with, friendly, thoughtful, caring.”

“Would I recommend him to others? Yes definitely, especially to friends and acquaintances who are looking for a simple, quick solution, from someone who thinks along with them and provides good support.”

– Jan Provoost, writer and writing coach @ Jan Provoost

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