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Kathy Haerden teaches body-oriented therapy and care massage in Antwerp. She has a practice in downtown Antwerp. She also provides Amanae bodywork.
This therapist asked me to build a website highlighting her various services. It also includes a blog in which she talks more about these forms of therapy. Because the web design needed to exude tranquility, the choice was made for page headers with flowing rivers and tranquil colors.
The website was created with the popular WordPress theme and builder Divi. The texts were written by Kathy, the photos were taken by other photographers. This site was launched in August 2023.
Are you looking for someone who offers body-oriented therapy and care massage in Antwerp? Or are you interested in body-oriented therapy, Amanae bodywork or care massage? Then be sure to take a look at her website: www.kathyhaerden.be.

This is what Kathy says about me:

“I wanted a personal website that suited me. The result exceeds all my expectations.”

“What I appreciated most during our collaboration? That my wishes were listened to and translated technically. That appropriate advice was given based on experience and expertise, marketing rules and more. And that very structured and precise work was done.”

“How I would describe him to other people? As an expert in his field, being a combination of creativity and technology. Very precise, attentive and respectful person. I would definitely recommend him!”

“It was a real pleasure to work with him, thank you so much for everything.”

– Kathy Haerden, therapist @ Kathy Haerden therapy

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