Which builder is best: Divi or Elementor?

16 Feb 2024 | web design

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Both Divi and Elementor are wildly popular WordPress theme builders. You can do more or less the same thing with them, but they both work very differently. But which one is best for you now? That choice is mostly personal. Based on the pros and cons of this article, you can choose whether Divi or Elementor is better for you.

Want to create your WordPress website all by yourself from scratch with a fancy website builder? Then you might consider Divi or Elementor. This is because these are theme builders: you have complete control over the look of your website. Also, you need little to no knowledge of code to design a great site. With these builders, you completely control how your pages look.

Divi or Elementor: the comparison

To find out whether Divi or Elementor is the best builder for you, it’s best to go over the pros and cons below. Your final choice will be mostly very personal.

Divi or Elementor: the basics

Divi and Elementor are two very different theme builders that both have completely different bases. You can use Divi in two ways: as a theme and builder in one, or just as a builder. Most often, Divi is used as a theme and builder in one. Elementor, on the other hand, is a plugin (piece of software or app in your website).
In addition, both work on a different basic principle: Elementor works on the block principle, Divi rather assumes rows. Finally, Elementor works with a limited free version and an extended paid version, Divi is only paid.

Conclusion: both Divi and Elementor allow you to do the same thing, they just work differently.

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The theme compatibility of Divi and Elementor

Since Divi is usually used as a builder and theme in one, it is not compatible with other themes in that way. Want to switch themes? Then you will have to recreate your layout with another builder.
Elementor is compatible with other themes, though, because it is a plugin. Have you built a website in Elementor and want to switch themes? Then that will be a little easier.

Conclusion: Elementor is compatible with other themes, Divi is not.

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Divi or Elementor: the functionalities

Divi comes along with a huge module library that allows you to create endless designs. For example, you can easily create a stylish contact form or put up a beautiful photo gallery.
Elementor also includes numerous modules for creating beautiful pages. You can actually do more or less the same thing with that as with Divi.

Conclusion: both libraries are more or less the same.

Divi and Elementor templates

Don’t have the time or inclination to create a website from scratch? Divi comes with an extensive library of nearly 350 layout packages. You can import and modify these in their entirety, but it is also possible to use pieces of them in your own design.
Elementor also offers hundreds of different templates or templates you can use to create your own website. Thereby, again, every part is customizable.

Conclusion: both builders have hundreds of templates available.

Divi or Elementor: the speed

The speed of your website depends mainly on the content you put on website. However, there is a substantial difference in the basics. Because Divi is a theme and builder in one, it weighs a little more heavily. This can potentially affect a site’s load time.

Elementor, on the other hand, is a lightweight plugin. Especially when combined with a lightweight theme like Astra, you can create a fast website with Elementor.

Conclusion: Elementor, combined with the Astra theme, can be faster than Divi.

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The learning curve of Divi and Elementor

If you are just starting out, the learning curve for Divi can be quite steep. In fact, Divi is quite complicated because as a builder and theme in one, it has a lot of features. It may take a while to figure out where to find some.
With Elementor you may be able to get by faster as a beginner because most things can just be found directly in the builder itself.

Conclusion: are you just starting out? Then Elementor is simpler as Divi.

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Divi or Elementor: the workflow

In this, Divi is the clear winner: Elegant Themes offers features like Divi Library and Divi Cloud that allow you to save and transport layouts to another page or Divi website. In other words, it is a great tool for people or companies who are going to create multiple websites.
Elementor works a little more basic: if you’re going to design multiple Web sites with a similar layout, you may spend a little longer.

Conclusion: Divi is more interesting for people or companies creating multiple websites.

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The prices of Divi and Elementor

Divi works by subscription: you either pay $89 a year or $287 for lifetime access. And this is an excellent deal because you can use this license indefinitely. It doesn’t matter how many websites you build. So ideal for WordPress web designers!

Elementor has a free version that you can already get by with a bit. Only, this version is limited, so you soon have to rely on the paid version. Elementor’s cheapest pay plan is $49 per year for one website.

Conclusion: Elementor has a free version, but in terms of payment plan, Divi is more advantageous in the long run.

My personal experience

As a web designer, I personally prefer Divi. This is because Divi allows me to speed up my web design workflow through features like Divi Library and Divi Cloud. Over the past few years, I have built dozens of websites with Divi; I am a true Divi designer.

Of course, I also often work with Elementor, as many of my clients work with this builder. In doing so, I simply adapt to the clients’ needs and situation.

Overall conclusion

You can create a similar web design with both Divi and Elementor, but it depends on your personal preference. If you are only going to create one website, then Elementor offers a convenient solution. If you are going to create several, Divi may be of interest because of its price and faster workflow for copying layouts.

Which builder do you prefer? Divi or Elementor?

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About Jochem

I am Jochem Oomen, web designer and photographer. My goal is to help sustainable entrepreneurs, organizations and schools gain more customers, participants or students. I do this through sustainable web design and minimalist photography. Read more about me here.

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